I want to deliver sound from my Raspberry Pi’s  Audio Output 3.5mm jack. This is one of our recent customer question.So we have a write up here where  it can help others too 🙂In Raspberry Pi 2 now with the latest release (Raspbian Version)Debian version they have an option to select the audio output during installation time.If if you have missed it there,then  you can try the following method.Very simple!!! Just open your terminal and type the following command.sudo raspi-config

Go to the Advanced Option and select Audio then  select 3.5mm audio jack out and give finish. Thats it.Now its time to check the audio jack.Before that first we will increase the system volume,because by default raspberry pi volume will be low.For that execute the following command to pull volume controller.sudo alsamixer

Raspberry Pi has some default audio files to check,before that connect your audio device(headphone or speaker).sudo aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav

Hope you should hear now 🙂Stay tuned for more tutorials from Adhira.

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