Object detection and tracking is an important area in the field of robotics. The Pan and tilt module that is perfectly designed by Adhira Technologies to suit all the needs of mounting the imaging sensor such as camera to perform the pan and tilt mechanism.

The whole assembled setup of the Adhira Pan and tilt module has two axes movement using two 9g servo motors. These servos can be easily controlled using any micro-controller. It can also be connected to a pixy cam for a quick object detection demonstration

There are screws that are provided to hold the pixy cam in position, so once you screw the pixy cam to the pan and tilt module it will resemble as in below setup.


Towards the rear side of the pixy cam module there are two rows of three pin connectors that is provided to connect the three connections of the servos to it. Connect both the servos to the Adhira Pan and tilt kit.

Download the Pixymon software from the link here.

Install the software and open it to train the pixycam with the color it has to detect. So open the pixymon software to set a signature.


Using the mouse, drag over the area you want to detect.


The object is been detected as you can see in the above screen shot and now to see the pan and tilt module working, go to the Action tab and click on the Run pan and tilt demo.


And that’s it; you can see the Pan and tilt module working, as the module tracks the trained object.

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